ALERT: Rd 1 Woodland Rescheduled

Woodland, WA. (February 12, 2020) – With every forecast pointing to the obvious, Round 1 of the 2020 PacWest Motocross Series at Woodland MX Park is being rescheduled to March 1st. This moves the season opener two weeks later and offers everyone a chance to kick off the season in grand style.

The series promoters and track owners agreed it was the right call to make in the interest of the riders. With the added cost of racing in the mud and a window open for us all to have another shot at this, the group felt that this was the best path. Ultimately, there is one open weekend available to give the riders a better chance at racing in decent weather.

One thing to note; the March 1st date will not be canceled or rescheduled so make your plans, call your friends, share on Facebook and Instagram that you are practicing and racing at Woodland MX on February 29th and March 1st for Round 1 of the PacWest Motocross Series.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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