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If a rider is not up to date on any rules, the event referee will be happy to answer any questions. Only the referee can answer questions about a rider’s status, a class which a rider can compete in, determine what class a bike is eligible to race in, and other matters that relate to the rules of the meet.



No track in the series offers rider medical insurance. A rider that does not have medical insurance is suggested NOT to race!!! If there is any obstacle on a course that a rider determines is above their ability, it is suggested NOT to race.



There is no cutting or turning-back on the track during practice or racing. Each track can only be ridden in one direction. Riders must all ride in the same direction. A rider must verify the direction before entering the track.



Beginner riders are eligible to race in the proper Open class. Beginners riders are NOT eligible to race in age group classes. Check the class structure to find the proper class. If a rider is unsure of what classes are eligible for them, the event referee is the only person that can determine that for the rider.



Pit area speeds are taken very seriously. It is a privilege to ride a race bike to and from a pit area. The pit area is reserved for foot traffic. It is NOT a racetrack and a 1st gear idle speed (5 MPH) must be observed at all times. Anything faster is a violation and may result in that rider forfeiting the privilege and pushing their bike for the remainder of that event.



A fence must be between a spectator and the racing surface. When a racer is not racing, they are a spectator. Only medical staff, track marshals’, track maintenance crew, and deemed media personnel are eligible to be inside the fence or near the racetrack surface.



The age effective date is January 1st of that year. Whatever a riders age was on NEW YEARS day will determine what age they are for the entire series regardless of their actual birthday.



Staging is located behind the starting gates. It requires a rider to report to staging prior to their race. Riders must seek track officials in staging to verify gate pick. Once a rider’s gate pick is known to them, they will then proceed to select a gate after the rider in front of them has chosen their gate.

Once on the gate, a rider MUST line up in the center of the gate and facing the gate head-on (NO agling). No farming is allowed in front of the gates unless it is concrete. Dirt that is on concrete in front of the gate must be swept forward or side-to-side. You may work the dirt behind the gate, but no tools can be used to work the dirt including no watering of the dirt is allowed behind or in front of the gate. You may clear the dirt out from around the gate to allow it to fall flat.

Riders may have start blocks. Mechanic must take starting blocks once the rider’s gate has dropped.



The starting procedure is as followed: An official will step out in front of the doghouse at the starting line. That official will indicate when it’s time to go. Once all engines are started, the official will point at each rider starting at one end until all riders have made visual contact with them. If a start card is available, when the card goes sideways, the gate will fall in 1-10 seconds. If you are having a “mechanical” difficulty make sure you raise your hand and get the start line officials attention before the official steps inside the doghouse. A rider can be given up to 2 minutes for mechanical reasons only. No hold will be made for riders not prepared themselves.



50 parents/mechanics are allowed around the track with their racer is on the course. Parents/mechanics are out there to help every rider as though they were their own. It is asked that everyone spread out to cover as much of the track as possible. Do NOT cross the track if a rider can see you in that lane of the track. Only those parents and/or mechanics that go to the gate are allowed out. No one under 16 is allowed out.



Riders must be up to date on all flags. Any race is always to a checked flag no matter how many flags come out prior. Some flags may or may not be displayed but a race is always to the checked flag. A rider CANNOT “unlap” themselves so once a checked flag has been displayed, the race is complete, and the rider must exit the track at the determined area identified at riders meeting.



A class is made up of two moto’s. The laps are predetermined by the referee and announced during riders meeting. The race order is posted at the scoring tower ore results board. The rider with the lowest combined score (olympic event scoring) determines the finishing order 1st through 40th. For any mathematical tie (ie: 2-1=3 to 1-2=3), the second moto serves as the tiebreaker. A rider’s total series points may reflect a different series result order however this does not change a single event score. A meet can be considered complete once the first moto’s are finished if the referee determines is not viable to continue.



A rider must exit only where determined. When a rider enters the pit area, the race is over thus a rider MUST SLOW DOWN and maintain a 1st gear idle speed (5 MPH).



The results from the days races will be posted within 30 minutes of that particular race at the scoring tower or results board.



A rider may protest their or another riders finish position within 30 minutes of posted time of the results. Protesting must be done either with the event referee or scoring tower. Any protest not conducted within 30 minutes of post time will be handled at the discretion of the referee.”



A rider can locate the trophy room by asking at the scoring tower.



An eligible rider must attend the year-end awards ceremonies to receive series awards. There is no limit to the number of races a rider competes in to be eligible. Up to 33% of all riders in the series will be eligible for highpoint awards, up to 10th position.  Must Race 10 of 16 to qualify for year end awards.

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