2024 SEVEN Gives big for the 7th Year!

Murrieta, CA – SEVEN is excited to be sponsoring the 12-round MotoSpot.com PacWest Motocross Series and has partnered with Pacific West Promoters Group, LLC (PWPG) to offer over $11,000 in payback to the riders for the 2024 season. Look out for some special stuff for the 7th year of sponsorship!

SEVEN continues to lead the industry with its innovation in motocross gear and the PacWest Series is a perfect fit to support of core racers. The PacWest Series offers over $200,000 in contingency and product for 2023 and SEVEN is playing a deep role in that effort.

The payout for the classes starts with $100 for 1st, $50 for 2nd and $25 for 3rd place overall.  Riders in 7 classes for all 12-rounds will have the opportunity to earn contingency cards from SEVEN.  This totals up at $1,225 per round from SEVEN.  Riders will be able to redeem the contingency cards at participating SEVEN dealers from the PacWest Series.  

  • “All of us at Seven are excited to partner with the PacWest Motocross Series again for 2023” said Dennis Bloch COO of Seven.  “We are always looking to support the next generation of athletes through product and innovation.  The PacWest Series has proven to be the premier series in the Pacific Northwest for the motocross community.”


Check your calendars now to make your plans to attend the 2024 MotoSport.com PacWest Motocross Series at PacWestMX.com.

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THE BRAND Seven – The next level in sports performance. Founded by American athlete James Stewart in 2013 to take athlete apparel and protection to heights never before reached. With his fierce competitive nature and passion for performance, James set out to assemble a team of like-minded creatives and visionaries that would ultimately help him see into the future. Now collectively as a team and a family, Seven will continue to push the boundaries, just as James Stewart has done his entire career. Seven – Redefining Limits..

THE OBJECTIVE To create a look, feel and vibe that transcends all that is current in our perspective marketplace. To push product performance limits past present standards using new technology and design solutions. 

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